So, you have decided to write a blog

You have decided to write a blog, wonderful. If you enjoy writing and can come up with fresh content regularly, then by all means, do it. Write to your heart’s content. There are a few steps you can take to optimize your blogging experience though.

You want readers. You also want comments. If your readers are commenting, they obviously either agree or disagree with what you are saying. Either way, they are engaged in the process. They are active readers, not just someone who opens the page and reads the titles.


With these things in mind. I have compiled a list of steps you can take to make sure your blog stands a better chance of gaining readership.

  1. Topic  Is yours a topic people are reading about elsewhere? There are a million topics available and half of them are irrelevant. If you choose the right topic, you will get readers, eventually. One way to be sure you are choosing a great topic is to see if your topic has a book about it on this site.
  2. Audience   First, know your audience and know they have other blogs they will read. With that said, one of the best ways to build readership is to get back-links to your site. If you write about fishing, link to other fishing sites so eventually you will get those same links back to your site. Trying to find a niche where no one else writes will make gaining readers nearly impossible.
  3. Problem Solving 101 Many people searching online are searching for a solution. If you can offer insight and help others solve a problem, there is your topic.
  4. Teach Your readers might find it useful to know how to do something new. If you have a skill or knowledge about a specific topic, write about it. Teach others how to do it.
  5. Read   Read other, successful blogs for tips. Read them to learn their secrets. Those bloggers all started the same way you did and now they are doing exactly what you want to do. Follow in their footsteps, most share their knowledge like Neil Patel. he generates over 100,000 readers monthly and it is not an accident.


Yes the is limited information but it is a start. If you really want to get your blog off and running, the first step is to get on with research. Then, start the blog page, with any number of free sites like


Why I will always use NationalCar for rental cars.

I travel now and then for work, not regularly, just now and then. I don’t mind the change of scenery, going to a new location is nice. I know I will be headed home before long. My company sets me up in a comfortable hotel and my choice of rental care agencies. 
I have used two different agencies since I here about a year ago. The first one wasn’t bad, the manager was a nice guy and a veteran, something we had in common. The car was nice but not my first choice.
The next time I traveled I went with a different national agency. I went with National Car Renal. What a huge difference. I immediately signed up for the Emerald Club since I knew I would travel occasionally. I was not sure how the Emerald Club would benefit me but I figured it can’t hurt.  
Sign up is pretty straight-forward and really very simple. I did it in just a few minutes. You don’t need any credit card info and you don’t have any sort of card you need to carry with you. Your name is in a data base which is very helpful.
My last trip to LA started with my wife shuttling me to the airport in Nashville, the same as will happen this time. I flew to LA, directly with no stops. Once I arrived I went to the national Car rental staging area and checked in with the lady in the booth. She asked if i am an Emerald Club Member and I responded that i was indeed.
She looked for my information but it was not in her system. I told her it should be there but I hadn’t traveled in a while so asked if it could have been deleted? She poked around some more and found me. First, she apologized then, she told me go pick  a car. I was floored. That was amazing. I did not really know what to do other than start to walk  the lot and find a car. I did not know how to behave. I felt amazingly special. I love that plan and every time I rent a car, for work or on my own, I will use National Car Rental

Review of Dollar Shave Club

OK here it is for all you men who have wondered what all the hype is about the Dollar Shave Club. We have all heard their radio commercials. Probably you have asked yourself if their razors are any good, surely they must not be very good. 

I have been using the razors from Dollar Shave Club for several years. that alone must tell you something right? I use their razors for my head, not my face (I will explain in a few). I pay about $3.05 per month. Each month they debit my checking account and each month I get a cartridge with five twin razor blades. 


I shave almost daily. Now and then I get a case of the lazies and I let it go. Usually though, I never skip more than one day. Now, I know the head hair and facial hair are textured differently, sure, but I have also used it on my face. It has served me very well. 


Dollar Shave Club also offers three razor options. I use the twin (The Humble Twin $3.05) but they have a four blade (The 4X $6) and six blade (The Executive $9) razor as well. I tried the six blade razor one month. My only real problem was the way it is designed. Keep in mind, I use it for my head so holding it to shave the head is different than the face. My step-son (in med school) uses the six blade system. 
I am a frugal man and since I really don’t see a need to shave that microscopic amount closer I just stick with the two blades for my head. now, my face is shaved by the old-time safety razor style my dad used when I was young. It is only one blade but it suffices. I can use one or two blades per week and it costs less than $15 for about two years worth of shaves, SWEET! 
The two more expensive shave systems are made with heavier metal material while the Humble Twin is made of plastic. Ordinarily, I am a not a fan of plastic razors but this one has been durable, lasting at least a few years. SO I have no complaints. 
Dollar Shave Club has other items for sale as well. they have shave butter. They also offer shave cream, aftershave, soap, face cleanser, shampoo, and pre-shave oil.

Best Selling Items on Craigslist Items to Buy or Sell on Craigslist

I get the feed from the Craigslist Facebook page in my area because that is one place I listed my e-book By The Age of Fifty. I don’t get on FB often but now and then I check out my notifications to see if anyone has purchased my book. SO far, my wife is the only one. That’s fine though, it may take some time or may just never sell. It is my first book so no rush.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of one particular item for sale. Prom dresses seem to be either flying out the door or maybe they are stagnating in closets. It got me thinking those must be the hottest sellers today. I did a little research and you won’t believe what I found.


Now this may shock you but one of the best things to sell is . . .home appliances. yes, home appliances sell very well. There is a reason. Not everyone is in the position to run out and buy a new washer or dryer when their old one breaks down. When someone does buy a new one, they usually want to get rid of their old one so why not sell it? What better place to sell than on CL locally? The buyer will come get it. they don’t pay taxes  and you don’t have to haul it off.


Another hot seller is home electronics.  We all know how expensive these items can be when purchased new. Some people just prefer not to buy new electronics when there is a possibility the item will be outdated within a few months or a year. Again, a new purchase will often lead to the sale of the item replaced. If you live in my household though, you will hold onto electronics until they are so old you can no longer find the software to operate them or tapes to play in them.


Used cell phones are great to cell on CL. Its a supply + demand + economics issue. Cell phones are not getting any less expensive, some going for up to or near $1,000. A used one can still bring in several hundred dollars. There are plenty of buyers who just don’t want to pay that high price for a phone and don’t want to sign a two year contract.


Power-tools are great to buy or sell on CL. You can always find them at a lower price than new and often high quality tools.Often when a contractor changes professions or upgrades his current equipment he will sell his old stuff. Guess who gets a deal.


The final item on my list is lawn care equipment. yet again you can get professional grade items for a fraction for the cost and it is likely still in great shape. The pros sell their older stuff and “Everyday Joe” will sell his when he gets a new one. You can find good deals on this stuff year round.

There you have it, my top five items to sell or buy on Craigslist. Happy hunting!



Review of Gas Level Indicator

Call me silly but a gas level indicator, as the name implies, should indicate the level of gas. That is the topic of the review. I have a travel trailer, a tow behind camper with two propane bottles attached. The camper has no built in method of determining how much fuel is in those tanks. 
I did not want to find myself out camping and suddenly run out of hot water because I have no propane. I bought the Gas Level Indicator. “Made in USA”, a proud label indeed. images-5
My camper is parked in my driveway. This season we have had visitors, namely, kids. I offered to let one or more of them sleep in the camper for more comfort than an air mattress or a sofa. One took me up on the offer.
I showed him how to get the heat going, turn on the gas, the whole nine yards. It’s pretty simple. He spent one or two nights in and I decided, since we had already been camping three times on the two bottles, to get device to monitor the fuel so he would not freeze when he ran out of gas.
 I went to our local Camping World where they had two options. One is a device that screws on between the filler port on the tank and the hose. It was a $25 item. 
The other option was one of those magnetic devices that adheres to the exterior of the tank body. I chose this one at the much lower cost of about $8. I have used something similar for fish tanks in the past. Going into this venture I knew they were not great but they had sufficed so I went that route.images-4
If you have ever used one you will understand what I mean when I say this type of guage is not great. They definitely lack precision but I suppose they make up for that lack in a lower cost. 
I had this device in place two days. I got no discernible reading whatsoever for two days. I switched tanks, tried different locations on the tank, including what the directions said to do. I got nothing. I could see the changes on the face of it, somewhat but not clearly enough to let me know if the tanks were half full, empty or what.
I gave in and bought the more expensive model. I am very glad I did, my tanks would have drained during the night with my son sleeping in the camper. 
It is possible the stick on guage would have worked if it was on a grill, not sure. I will try it next time I cook out. I would not recommend using it for your camper though. If you are looking for something like this, I suggest you do some research and spend the money for the attachable type of guage.