Best Selling Items on Craigslist Items to Buy or Sell on Craigslist

I get the feed from the Craigslist Facebook page in my area because that is one place I listed my e-book By The Age of Fifty. I don’t get on FB often but now and then I check out my notifications to see if anyone has purchased my book. SO far, my wife is the only one. That’s fine though, it may take some time or may just never sell. It is my first book so no rush.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of one particular item for sale. Prom dresses seem to be either flying out the door or maybe they are stagnating in closets. It got me thinking those must be the hottest sellers today. I did a little research and you won’t believe what I found.


Now this may shock you but one of the best things to sell is . . .home appliances. yes, home appliances sell very well. There is a reason. Not everyone is in the position to run out and buy a new washer or dryer when their old one breaks down. When someone does buy a new one, they usually want to get rid of their old one so why not sell it? What better place to sell than on CL locally? The buyer will come get it. they don’t pay taxes  and you don’t have to haul it off.


Another hot seller is home electronics.  We all know how expensive these items can be when purchased new. Some people just prefer not to buy new electronics when there is a possibility the item will be outdated within a few months or a year. Again, a new purchase will often lead to the sale of the item replaced. If you live in my household though, you will hold onto electronics until they are so old you can no longer find the software to operate them or tapes to play in them.


Used cell phones are great to cell on CL. Its a supply + demand + economics issue. Cell phones are not getting any less expensive, some going for up to or near $1,000. A used one can still bring in several hundred dollars. There are plenty of buyers who just don’t want to pay that high price for a phone and don’t want to sign a two year contract.


Power-tools are great to buy or sell on CL. You can always find them at a lower price than new and often high quality tools.Often when a contractor changes professions or upgrades his current equipment he will sell his old stuff. Guess who gets a deal.


The final item on my list is lawn care equipment. yet again you can get professional grade items for a fraction for the cost and it is likely still in great shape. The pros sell their older stuff and “Everyday Joe” will sell his when he gets a new one. You can find good deals on this stuff year round.

There you have it, my top five items to sell or buy on Craigslist. Happy hunting!




Lost Again

As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot” John Lennon


So you find yourself in a pickle while trying to install a garbage disposal. You would think it’s a fairly straight forward process. After all, plumbing is not rocket science right? Guys, do not fret, we have all been in that situation. You get about knee deep when you find you don’t know how to do the next step. You tossed the instruction because you are a man; you don’t need no stinkin’ directions, right?

I have spent countless hours driving around an unfamiliar town or city trying to find an address. I knew if I kept going I would find it, I just needed a little more time. No, I was NOT going to stop and ask directions. Besides, it has been my experience when you do ask for directions, you either get the local version (which may as well be in Greek) or you get someone who lives in a neighboring town. Guess who also does not know how to find what you are looking for. Yeah, the convenience store clerk from another town or the guy who doesn’t speak English very well.

How many arguments have you had with your wife because you refused to ask for help? At 51 I still get flack when I do this sort of thing. If it’s been a while she will go back to an event from the past and dig in to remind me I am not really the superman I think I am just because my name starts with an S.


This is reflective of a chapter in the book I am writing. As a man, I believe I am especially qualified to poke fun at men and I chose a book in which to poke that fun.

Next time you find yourself running around like a chicken with your head cut off, think about what you are doing. Don’t try to be a hero. Look at it like this, if you have a wife or kids with you, there is a good possibility by getting it done without breaking something or getting lost you will be the hero you seek to be. You don’t have to tell them you need help, save face and go in to the store by yourself, buy a coke and come out and continue driving. You managed to get directions and get everybody something to drink all without letting on you were lost.


I suppose you could just bow your head, tuck your tail between your legs and shuffle into the store after the embarrassing moment when you finally broke down and said you are lost. In the words of Zsa Zsa Gabor “Macho does not prove mucho.” Don’t waste your effort and time doing it wrong sirs. What does a man gain by being stubborn?

Glitter Poop

Yes, you read it right, Glitter Poop. WTH you ask? Google it I respond. We have all heard of ridiculous idea. Back when I was a kid, Ronco was the big deal. They put commercials on television all the time. They sold or made some of the most ridiculous items but people bought them.

Today we have the “as seen on t.v.” products and even aisles devoted to those products in stores. Looking at those products some are absolutely absurd. My wife mentioned one such product which prompted me to write this article.


The first product I found was The Better Marriage Blanket. I found it on CraveOnline. The premise of this wonderfully intuitive product is to keep you from having to smell your partner’s gas. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you can rest comfortably knowing you no longer smell farts. I know I will sleep more comfortably.


For all you guys and gals who want to protect your home but don’t want to have to fumble with opening a safe, there is the bed mounted gun rack. Yes, you can have that shotgun right by your side all night long. I shall sleep safely tonight.


If you are constantly desiring to go to a gym but the expense is just too much, do not fear, you have an option. You can buy the personal home spa. Now you can enjoy that cleansing sweat in the comfort of your own home.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “self, you should take up smoking”? Well there is a better way. You can smoke fake cigarettes. Yes, that’s right, you can look cool without actually taking in all the poisons found in real cigarettes.


Now this is one of the most unique items I found in my quest for stupidity. Have you ever had some chewing gum you just felt you needed to share? Well, we now have the gum  for you b**tch*s. This may be the one product I never thought I would see. No, wait! There’s more…


OK here is your chance to poop gold, or maybe glittery color. You can indeed have that feeling that your poop is better than every one else’s. The biggest problem is you can’t really share your new found wealth. Who really wants to come look at your poop? There is another product, sparkly glitter poop pills. They carry a disclaimer telling consumers not to take the pills internally, they are only meant to be for fun. SO, my next question is how do you have fun with them. Again, even if you sprinkle the glitter on your poop, are you going to have friends come look in the toilet? By the way, they are in the form of capsules. This may be the most ridiculous product I have ever come across.

So next time you think you have seen it all, remember you haven’t. There is probably something even more dumb than the day before. You just have to wait and it will be there, right in front of you.