Review of Gas Level Indicator

Call me silly but a gas level indicator, as the name implies, should indicate the level of gas. That is the topic of the review. I have a travel trailer, a tow behind camper with two propane bottles attached. The camper has no built in method of determining how much fuel is in those tanks. 
I did not want to find myself out camping and suddenly run out of hot water because I have no propane. I bought the Gas Level Indicator. “Made in USA”, a proud label indeed. images-5
My camper is parked in my driveway. This season we have had visitors, namely, kids. I offered to let one or more of them sleep in the camper for more comfort than an air mattress or a sofa. One took me up on the offer.
I showed him how to get the heat going, turn on the gas, the whole nine yards. It’s pretty simple. He spent one or two nights in and I decided, since we had already been camping three times on the two bottles, to get device to monitor the fuel so he would not freeze when he ran out of gas.
 I went to our local Camping World where they had two options. One is a device that screws on between the filler port on the tank and the hose. It was a $25 item. 
The other option was one of those magnetic devices that adheres to the exterior of the tank body. I chose this one at the much lower cost of about $8. I have used something similar for fish tanks in the past. Going into this venture I knew they were not great but they had sufficed so I went that route.images-4
If you have ever used one you will understand what I mean when I say this type of guage is not great. They definitely lack precision but I suppose they make up for that lack in a lower cost. 
I had this device in place two days. I got no discernible reading whatsoever for two days. I switched tanks, tried different locations on the tank, including what the directions said to do. I got nothing. I could see the changes on the face of it, somewhat but not clearly enough to let me know if the tanks were half full, empty or what.
I gave in and bought the more expensive model. I am very glad I did, my tanks would have drained during the night with my son sleeping in the camper. 
It is possible the stick on guage would have worked if it was on a grill, not sure. I will try it next time I cook out. I would not recommend using it for your camper though. If you are looking for something like this, I suggest you do some research and spend the money for the attachable type of guage.