So, you have decided to write a blog

You have decided to write a blog, wonderful. If you enjoy writing and can come up with fresh content regularly, then by all means, do it. Write to your heart’s content. There are a few steps you can take to optimize your blogging experience though.

You want readers. You also want comments. If your readers are commenting, they obviously either agree or disagree with what you are saying. Either way, they are engaged in the process. They are active readers, not just someone who opens the page and reads the titles.


With these things in mind. I have compiled a list of steps you can take to make sure your blog stands a better chance of gaining readership.

  1. Topic  Is yours a topic people are reading about elsewhere? There are a million topics available and half of them are irrelevant. If you choose the right topic, you will get readers, eventually. One way to be sure you are choosing a great topic is to see if your topic has a book about it on this site.
  2. Audience   First, know your audience and know they have other blogs they will read. With that said, one of the best ways to build readership is to get back-links to your site. If you write about fishing, link to other fishing sites so eventually you will get those same links back to your site. Trying to find a niche where no one else writes will make gaining readers nearly impossible.
  3. Problem Solving 101 Many people searching online are searching for a solution. If you can offer insight and help others solve a problem, there is your topic.
  4. Teach Your readers might find it useful to know how to do something new. If you have a skill or knowledge about a specific topic, write about it. Teach others how to do it.
  5. Read   Read other, successful blogs for tips. Read them to learn their secrets. Those bloggers all started the same way you did and now they are doing exactly what you want to do. Follow in their footsteps, most share their knowledge like Neil Patel. he generates over 100,000 readers monthly and it is not an accident.


Yes the is limited information but it is a start. If you really want to get your blog off and running, the first step is to get on with research. Then, start the blog page, with any number of free sites like