Why I will always use NationalCar for rental cars.

I travel now and then for work, not regularly, just now and then. I don’t mind the change of scenery, going to a new location is nice. I know I will be headed home before long. My company sets me up in a comfortable hotel and my choice of rental care agencies. 
I have used two different agencies since I here about a year ago. The first one wasn’t bad, the manager was a nice guy and a veteran, something we had in common. The car was nice but not my first choice.
The next time I traveled I went with a different national agency. I went with National Car Renal. What a huge difference. I immediately signed up for the Emerald Club since I knew I would travel occasionally. I was not sure how the Emerald Club would benefit me but I figured it can’t hurt.  
Sign up is pretty straight-forward and really very simple. I did it in just a few minutes. You don’t need any credit card info and you don’t have any sort of card you need to carry with you. Your name is in a data base which is very helpful.
My last trip to LA started with my wife shuttling me to the airport in Nashville, the same as will happen this time. I flew to LA, directly with no stops. Once I arrived I went to the national Car rental staging area and checked in with the lady in the booth. She asked if i am an Emerald Club Member and I responded that i was indeed.
She looked for my information but it was not in her system. I told her it should be there but I hadn’t traveled in a while so asked if it could have been deleted? She poked around some more and found me. First, she apologized then, she told me go pick  a car. I was floored. That was amazing. I did not really know what to do other than start to walk  the lot and find a car. I did not know how to behave. I felt amazingly special. I love that plan and every time I rent a car, for work or on my own, I will use National Car Rental