Review of Dollar Shave Club

OK here it is for all you men who have wondered what all the hype is about the Dollar Shave Club. We have all heard their radio commercials. Probably you have asked yourself if their razors are any good, surely they must not be very good. 

I have been using the razors from Dollar Shave Club for several years. that alone must tell you something right? I use their razors for my head, not my face (I will explain in a few). I pay about $3.05 per month. Each month they debit my checking account and each month I get a cartridge with five twin razor blades. 


I shave almost daily. Now and then I get a case of the lazies and I let it go. Usually though, I never skip more than one day. Now, I know the head hair and facial hair are textured differently, sure, but I have also used it on my face. It has served me very well. 


Dollar Shave Club also offers three razor options. I use the twin (The Humble Twin $3.05) but they have a four blade (The 4X $6) and six blade (The Executive $9) razor as well. I tried the six blade razor one month. My only real problem was the way it is designed. Keep in mind, I use it for my head so holding it to shave the head is different than the face. My step-son (in med school) uses the six blade system. 
I am a frugal man and since I really don’t see a need to shave that microscopic amount closer I just stick with the two blades for my head. now, my face is shaved by the old-time safety razor style my dad used when I was young. It is only one blade but it suffices. I can use one or two blades per week and it costs less than $15 for about two years worth of shaves, SWEET! 
The two more expensive shave systems are made with heavier metal material while the Humble Twin is made of plastic. Ordinarily, I am a not a fan of plastic razors but this one has been durable, lasting at least a few years. SO I have no complaints. 
Dollar Shave Club has other items for sale as well. they have shave butter. They also offer shave cream, aftershave, soap, face cleanser, shampoo, and pre-shave oil.