Best Selling Items on Craigslist Items to Buy or Sell on Craigslist

I get the feed from the Craigslist Facebook page in my area because that is one place I listed my e-book By The Age of Fifty. I don’t get on FB often but now and then I check out my notifications to see if anyone has purchased my book. SO far, my wife is the only one. That’s fine though, it may take some time or may just never sell. It is my first book so no rush.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of one particular item for sale. Prom dresses seem to be either flying out the door or maybe they are stagnating in closets. It got me thinking those must be the hottest sellers today. I did a little research and you won’t believe what I found.


Now this may shock you but one of the best things to sell is . . .home appliances. yes, home appliances sell very well. There is a reason. Not everyone is in the position to run out and buy a new washer or dryer when their old one breaks down. When someone does buy a new one, they usually want to get rid of their old one so why not sell it? What better place to sell than on CL locally? The buyer will come get it. they don’t pay taxes  and you don’t have to haul it off.


Another hot seller is home electronics.  We all know how expensive these items can be when purchased new. Some people just prefer not to buy new electronics when there is a possibility the item will be outdated within a few months or a year. Again, a new purchase will often lead to the sale of the item replaced. If you live in my household though, you will hold onto electronics until they are so old you can no longer find the software to operate them or tapes to play in them.


Used cell phones are great to cell on CL. Its a supply + demand + economics issue. Cell phones are not getting any less expensive, some going for up to or near $1,000. A used one can still bring in several hundred dollars. There are plenty of buyers who just don’t want to pay that high price for a phone and don’t want to sign a two year contract.


Power-tools are great to buy or sell on CL. You can always find them at a lower price than new and often high quality tools.Often when a contractor changes professions or upgrades his current equipment he will sell his old stuff. Guess who gets a deal.


The final item on my list is lawn care equipment. yet again you can get professional grade items for a fraction for the cost and it is likely still in great shape. The pros sell their older stuff and “Everyday Joe” will sell his when he gets a new one. You can find good deals on this stuff year round.

There you have it, my top five items to sell or buy on Craigslist. Happy hunting!